What is Nuru

I am the only one in Dubai using professional Nuru Gel from Japan.

Product Features:
Mild, Smooth and Silky
Soluble in water
Odourless, Colourless and Tasteless
Non toxic, beneficial nutrients
Safe for all skin types
Leaves skin hydrated after application
Does not leave stain
Product Benefits:
Safe for all skin types
Cleanses and detoxifies the body (Herbal body treatment)
Helpful to sensitive skin suffering from inflammation or irritation
Flexibility and healthiness to sensitive skin
Restores tone and vitality
Essential minerals will be absorbed by skin
Soft, fresh and healthy-looking skin
Helps to disperse fatty deposits
Moisturize and protects dry skin
Excellent for after pregnancy and intensive slimming treatment
Helps prevent cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention, slackened dermal tissue
Contains Charmomile Azulene, increases peripheral circulation of skin and reduces erythema (redness)

Nuru massage is a ‘body slide’ massage – extremely sensual massage where I will massage your whole body with my own body.
Nuru Massage allows you to experience sensuality like no other massages. My Nuru Massage is one of the ultimate body to body massage experiences you will find in Dubai.

It’s even an excellent therapeutic treatment for dry skin – it provides deep moisturising and soothing.
To prepare for your massage you’re invited to take a shower or a hot bath (subject to available facilities). This will help to soften your tired muscles and prepare your whole body to receive Nuru Massage.

You’ll be surrounded by lovely candles and gentle music in a nice and clean room. The massage gel is heated before being applied to your relaxed body.
Our bodies will flow effortlessly together as I will caress you with very sensual motions.

Guilt and shame are words I don’t speak of. Whilst you may find yourself completely enamored by my physical beauty, I invite you to return to try my other massages in order to experience the unique touch and style provided by me.

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